Five places to visit red light districts and party in Rennes

If the hottest neighborhoods are Blosne Villejean and Maurepas in Rennes, you better get out into the city center. The city is a student and knows how to party. Without you name the pancake The Saint Georges and hundreds of others, too easy in Britain, here are five places for fun to discover more of the famous bars in Trans.

1 / Lil Cycling

Welcome Place Saint-Michel. This is one of legendary addresses in Rennes for all those who like to go out and party. It closes late bar and has a large smoking room in basement. Both floors allow young and old to meet and have fun. The center allows Rennais to make an appointment and know the good evening plans. Rennes The atmosphere is deemed hot. Calva, Pulco and lemonade, it changes cider!

2 / Place

The place is ideal for listening to good music and a drink. This is the nightclub located Place du Champs Jacquet. The price of drinks and a selection at the entrance allow to not have any Rennes' misery. Here it is always nice to enjoy the best cocktails Rennes. The atmosphere is sometimes caliente to make the city even more hot. The salsa nights are ideal for learning to swing with a beautiful girl or a well-built guy. If Frank Darcel recommend this place is that it is enjoyed by Britons, true!

3 / Shamrock

The place is famous. The address was given to me during a visit to the city on the occasion of Rennes Transmusicales. The address is open 7 days / 7, and that as of 17 o'clock until three in the morning. The floor can create events or privatize the venue for a hot party. The Irish pub happening to good music. The choice of beers and whiskeys is varied, not to be missed. Not a place in the Ille-et-Vilaine to better lather night.

4 / Club Delicatessen

Instead of Rennes warm nights is located in the former Saint-Michel prison fifteenth century. Stairs lead you into the shallows where you expect the best DJ for scorching sets. Themed evenings together students and trendy city. From 11:45 p.m. to 7:00 am, the track waiting for you to make beautiful fiery meetings.

5 / Tiffany's

Another night bar, but on the outskirts, rue Paul Bert. The place is famous for a game of pool with friends or enjoy the terrace in a fairly quiet street. The beer list is correct and the place is spacious enough to accommodate groups who want to party until three in the morning on weekends.