Search apartment in Paris: Practical Guide


stay in Paris is well known it is a hassle, unless you have a concrete CDI or have guarantors fine win their life. And even by combining all these assets can be still hard to find.

If you go through PAP prepare for long queues in stairwells and filling out lengthy fact sheets as the arms, the more you will be in competition with over a hundred people.
So how do those who have only CSD, and students, precarious?
This is all the housing problem in Paris, and social housing in?
it can work, but expect to wait very long. There is also the solution of colocation, although in fact it is not really a solution, as for rentals you will have serious guarantees and make the difference among a slew of suitors.
If you decide to go through a real estate agency and give them the equivalent of rent you greatly increase your chances of finding the apartment of your dreams, because there will simply fewer people to visit the apartments.

Social housing in Paris

So how to qualify for social housing? The essential criterion for accession to social housing is income.
Two options are available to you. You can download the application form on and return it by mail, with supporting documents, to the direction of Housing and Habitat. You can also go directly to one of 21 home points of the capital listed on the application form.
Be aware that the social housing demand is very strong. The timeouts peu- wind
be very long.

Find a room at the inhabitant in Paris

You are a senior and you have a spare room? Why not host a young
looking for accommodation? Against a rent, daily or services rendered presence is possible.
With three partner associations, the City of Paris a pilot intergenerational cohabitation device.
Those interested in this formula may have more information on the website of the City of Paris, or the site of one of the three associations in solidarity:

Financial aid for my accommodation, Paris

For many Parisians, pay the rent and expenses are a big source of stress each month end.
To help social service and the City of Paris has set up various devices
-Paris Housing Paris Housing Paris Housing Families and single parent families
. monthly financial assistance for those who live in Paris at least three years in the last five years and who have modest incomes. (See with CAF)
-CAF, housing allowance, PLA.
If your resources are considered insufficient to pay your rent you can receive housing assistance, . APL, ALF or ALS
the APL is calculated based on different elements: the amount of rent, number of dependents, resources, location of housing, etc ...
can calculate your rights to APL through the simulator CAF website, If indeed you are entitled to something you can apply directly online
-APL for roommate.
If you colocation being said on the lease, you can also benefit from personalized housing. Each roommate should make his own application for housing assistance. The amount of housing assistance is calculated based on your resources and the rent paid by each of the roommates.
You can calculate your rights to APL through the simulator CAF website, If indeed you are entitled to something you can apply directly online
-Helps the move - Solidarity housing Fund
moving is expensive. deposit, rent, charges estate agency, moving, or to purchases of furniture ....
Under certain conditions, the solidarity housing Fund to offer financial support for your moving. To receive this benefit, please make an appointment with the head of your district service.

Real estate agencies in Paris

Go through a real estate agent to find a flat fee added to your system but guarantees a supply of apartments above the rest.
In Paris you will find many small independent agencies and all major chains real estate agency: Lodgis, Orpis, Lafôret, Century 21, Foncia, Logic Immo Vaneau

Papers to mount a rental record in Paris

Here is the list of papers you'll need to build a case to rent an apartment in Paris
1. - A photocopy of your identity card. (And that of the guarantor or guarantors)
2 - Justification of three months' salary (pay slips photocopying, or those of the guarantor)
3 - Photocopy of last tax on income. (Or the guarantor)
4 - Photocopy of the housing tax last year. (Or the guarantor)
5 - Proof of residence (copy of a telephone bill and / or EDF) or the guarantor)
6. - Three recent rent receipt
7 - Provide a bank account if you pay your rent by automatic monthly transfers .

colocation sites, paid and free, Paris

Given the difficulty of finding an apartment in Paris and the limited space offered by the Parisian studios, more and more young and less young people tend to opt for colocation.
But touch as for rentals you will have serious guarantees and make the difference among a slew of suitors.
Here are the main colocation sites on Paris, most are pay and ask you twenty euros have the right to view profiles and reply to messages for about 2 weeks.
Some sites are free, but the deals are fewer and often limits sexual ads, sharing studio room .. this does not mean however that you can not find your happiness on this site.