Chenonceaux Touraine and the Loire Valley

Montrésor, Indre et Loire

Ideally located near the most beautiful historical heritage of France, the Loire castles, the city of Touraine also has its own castle. Moreover, the majority of hotels are built around this tourist emblem so close to the center. The rooms are worth between 30 and 100 euros in this charming city, but the Auberge du Bon Laboureur on Bretonneau street is one of most luxurious with its authentic building that was built in the 18th century. We're talking about a 4-star hotel features stylish rooms and a qualified service. Not far from there, Hostel du Roy also favored by tourists for its low prices and the warmth of a family establishment. It is a 2-star hotel whose characteristic is to have a custom design for each room. The table is excellent and it is possible to lunch outside. You can contact the Tourist Office Chenonceaux and Blere for more information on all hotels, lodges or guest rooms. After visiting historical monuments, do not forget to discover the vineyards of Touraine and its famous wines of the Loire.