These places not to be missed open at night in Montpellier

Montpellier is a southern city near the sea where life is good night. The terraces await you, clubs, restaurants and unique services to regain a taste for life. The sun is in the heart.

1. Exit at Kitchenette for night dinner aperitif

Saint-Roch is the living area of ​​Montpellier for the night party. The ideal place to taste the Iberian pork tapas way! Serrano, Cecina, Bellota Chorizo ​​and Lomo & hellip; The accompaniment will be with a Languedoc wine like Pinot Chios. If you are still hungry after an hour in the morning, nothing prevents you from buying wine and preserves to continue at home. The house is also delicatessen, to 16 street Jules Latreilhe.

2. A cocktail or nothing at Papa Doble

The address is worth seeing Julien Lescot offers, since 2009, magnificent blends deliciously sitting in sober and chic alcoves. On Facebook and the Internet address of the Petit Scel the street sharing good. All the cocktail recipes are available on the web. But nothing beats the taste.

3. Parrot Tavern, the right mix

Groove, reggae, funk, hip-hop, Latin, Afro: everyone marching in the play-list of the place to be at night in Montpellier. The place located at 3 Rue St. Gély Pila is a safe bet for a rum cocktail. cosmopolitan and relaxed atmosphere.

4. Welcome to Argentina with the Empanadas Club

Rue de la Ratte, an Argentine spot serves delicious empanadas. This little shoe is trimmed according to your choice and it's delicious! Here we can mix Toulouse sausage and Argentine pesto. Last service at midnight.

5. First spot near the train station, the Paddles

Drinking a good foam Montpellier is possible in this micro-brewery, located right across the street from Rockstore. The decor is neat how recycling craft. The brews are changing with the seasons. Blonde, brunette, red: there will be something for everyone! Appointment street on both bridges.

6. The terrace of Vertigo Pullman to Polygon

For a drink or eat a meal, get high is always nice. I still remember this bass fillet a la plancha with his tart with mozzarella tomato. The setting is chic and cozy. The night will be illuminated by a DJ set electro jazz. Then go quickly Pertuisanes Street, at Montpellier.

7. Little Tokyo, a good Japanese in Montpellier

Rue Aristide Olivier, the restaurant decor is simple. The food is excellent, especially the sushi and sashimi.

8. Pharmacy Polygon, a must for health

Pharmacy Polygon is open daily from 8:30 to 20:00. You will find big brands and order your medications online for a withdrawal in 20 minutes. Every year, like other pharmacies, it is open at night as a guard pharmacy. For pharmacy open guard all night in Montpellier, from 20:00 to 8:00, simply log on to the or call 3237 (real-time service open 24/24, 0.34 € TTC / min) .