Cape Dadge, lodging facilities along the road to Luxembourg

Cape Town is a small town which lies about 10 km from Luxembourg. No hotel establishment are listed in it. As against the surrounding communities are home to many hotels, including Luxembourg. Within less than 10 km from Cape Town, Strassen has a few hotels that line the road leading from Arlon to Luxembourg. There Motel Drive In, which has on-site parking for travelers conveyed. Then the Skol hotel with luxurious rooms of 3-star hotel located midway between Luxembourg and Cape Town. Olivier Hotel offers 4-star accommodation with rooms and luxury apartments and hotel Mon Plaisir is a 3 star establishment. Hotel Le Dany is already on the outskirts of Luxembourg. It offers modern rooms with Wi-Fi access for a price range between 75 and 100 euros. Kospal is also another nearby community of Cap. It houses two hotels whose Weidendall and Sieweburen hotel located on the edge of the forest and Bambesch which has a tennis court and recreational facilities.