Motorhome traveling light ... in freedom! Tips and Traps

The trip by camper can rhyme with freedom as it can rhyme with galley ... Here are some tips to avoid falling into certain traps.

If you decide to go camping, try to arrive before nightfall, in darkness you will not notice things like broken glass, an exit parking, etc ... also take precautions against theft. Save your money and other valuables well hidden and close your vehicle at night, even if you are inside. Avoid areas in the city center and prefer outdoor areas, residential area, outskirts of stadiums, cemeteries, shopping center car parks. As a general rule avoid big cities and prefer the villages, much more fun and convenient.

You will also notice that some municipalities are trying to restrict access to the motorhome and usually offer charmless service areas and very eccentric. These parking spaces have since both facilities for water supply and draining of sewage, some also have electricity

To help, you will find many sites on the internet and paper guides which identify air service throughout France and Europe. Note that some areas are not paying other

If not for comfort and not worry about the place where you will put your camper, choose a campsite with camping sites as there are many campgrounds in almost all towns and villages in France.

If you want to reduce the blows, prefer national roads rather than highways. These are more suitable for camping trips as well and can discover more things. While it is true that in some countries you do not really have a choice, the state of the roads leaving too much to be desired.

Finally, remember that a motorhome is a big investment at the base, and that even if it saves money on hotel nights later, it will do you not the economy full of very expensive gasoline, add to that the tolls ...