Calais, a wide choice of accommodation types in the area

The small town of Calais has few hotels to offer, but its surroundings by rengorgent against it. Within a radius of 10 km, the Logis Le Cygne welcomes you in a mansion. The Hotel de Paris is a 2 star establishment offering comfortable rooms. Near Lascaux Caves and Sarlat, there is the La Renaissance displayed. The majority of hotels offer accommodation at a budget of between 40 and 50 euros. A little further on, near the medieval town of Sarlat, the Manoa holiday residential complex offers spacious apartments with an outdoor pool in several formulas. Le Moulin de Mitou is highly recommended by travelers surfers. It offers rooms with the comforts 3 stars, outdoor pool, sauna and jacuzzi. Chateau de Monrecour is no less appreciated. Located 20 km from Calais, it has two swimming pools and terrace. Le Vieux Logis is a 4 star hotel located in Tremolat. Besides the luxurious rooms, it offers an outdoor pool and modern facilities.