Sunbathe on the soft sand of Nice


You've decided to enjoy the sun this summer? You will not have a better destination than Nice. This beautiful French city, offers a dozen private beaches, well equipped, umbrellas, showers, mattresses ... Etc. At the foot of beautiful shore, you can directly put on your swimsuit and dive without waiting in the waves of the turquoise sea, before choosing your mattress and let the waves of the sun gently massage your skin. If you want to change scenery, you can take the road of Hi Beach. On this beach, all tastes are satisfied. Before you lie down for a little sunbathing, guests can enjoy a good French meal in the restaurant or a glass of soda in the heart of the bar. When enjoying the blazing sun of Nice, you can watch your favorite show on the big TV installed on site or even read a book that you've also borrowed on site. Even better ! Imagine that you can even share this moment with your friends on Face book as Hi Beach is covered by WiFi! If you are still in Nice the next day, you should immediately go to Neptune Beach. This is a rare opportunity that comes to you to bring fun and relaxation! After a turn off of the Mediterranean, it is time to bask in the sun, sipping a fruit cocktail, a real treat for all gourmets. Between the Blue Beach, Sporting, Bambu Beach Castel Beach, Florida beach, beach Galion, Lido Beach, Miami Beach Opera Beach, Ruhl, Regency Beach and Sailboat Beach, you'll be able to enjoy the Mediterranean sea and discover the many facets of a stay by the sea and a tan under the sun softer.