Minute offers: the tricks to pay less stay

Going skiing is for many a holiday budget result: between the accommodation, transport, ski passes, ski equipment on site and expenditures, including outings and shopping, it is understood that the addition climbs fast! This is true when we start one, then several family for example, sometimes it is an achievement to balance its budget ski!

However, it is always possible to limit costs through various tricks, or taking it well to reserve the right place, the right time. To help you, here are a series of tips to help you organize your next ski holidays at reduced prices

all inclusive stays

Organize your holiday for winter sports is quite complicated like that, but it is possible to greatly simplify the task by choosing the ski accommodation offers a simple formula and often more advantageous in terms of price. < / p>

In fact, you'll find online very many travel agencies specializing in the mountain, general whose catalog or fabric to Ski deals with the approach of the winter season. The formulas are varied and allow you to adapt the offer to your needs.

Among the interesting offers include packages such as all-inclusive offer including major online agencies. With a few clicks you book your stay, and everything is ready for departure: accommodation, ski passes and equipment rental! Obviously, the advantage of going through an agency, it is the price: the professionals are able to offer you rates difficult to achieve without using their services !

Other deals can be just as interesting: accommodation only, accommodation + ski school, thematic stay (wellness, slides, weekend, etc ...), the choice is wide, fluctuating prices, specials many ... as likely to pay its cheapest stay!

where to look? In addition to the sites of the ski resorts themselves, here are some ideas:

-sites specialists France-Montagnes.com, Travelski.com, Ski-Planet.com

General -sites: Promovacances.com, Lastminute.com, UCPA-vacances.com

Some tips to pay less

So there is one side the package resort, on the other departures independent. In both cases, some tips can help reduce their vacation budget. But where an all inclusive holiday deals with everything, take every aspect of the travel account:

-Lodging a holiday rental house, apartment, cottage, is always more advantageous than a hotel, because you can cook yourself. The restaurant budget goes out the window.

-Partir multiple becomes a good idea. With friends for example, you divide the cost of accommodation in many parts. ski rentals sites are provided (eg Abritel.fr, Homelidays.com, PAPvacances.fr) .

-Concerning equipment, you can rent perfectly through an online agency. Several major retailers are present on the internet, and it works very well! Discounts are also many.

-on the other hand, if you do not want to rent but buy, remember that there used ski equipment sales sites in price reduces and the classified ad sites where we find very often happiness ...

-level transportation, do not hesitate if you have room in the car to lean on carpool solutions again share the cost, it is cheaper !

When and where from to pay less?

There are the organization of the holiday, but also the destination and time of departure counts enormously. Because prices vary over time, depending on the crowd. Update on periods from:

-The ski season starts in December for most stations, and ends around March, later for big alpine resorts. February marks a highlight is the high season: peak peak corresponding to higher prices .

-Avoid school holiday periods, including the February holidays, but Christmas holidays. Going on shift early December, the first light of spring, promises cheaper rates.

France also has several massive, and prices vary again depending on your destination:

-The Alps: it is here that most prices are soaring, especially in the popular and renowned resorts of Savoy. However, some smaller ski resorts have prices accordingly.

-The Pyrenees: some nice resorts and many smaller stations where it is possible to book a reasonable price to stay. See also: Andorra and the Spanish side stations .

-The Massif Central, the Vosges and the Jura massive smaller and less frequented, but also cheaper, with family resorts and more affordable rates .

And why go abroad? Some destinations offer skiing opportunities at low prices unsuspected, like Bulgaria or Slovenia.

When booking to pay less?

To pay less skiing holidays, there are not thirty-six solutions: more we do it in advance, the better, as with any trip !

The ski being a very popular practice in France, so do not go with the back of the spoon and book some time in advance. Skiing holidays are available online well before the season, and that's several months in advance as prices are lowest: many special offers like early bird, reserved for first customers, be entered on the Internet

Less expensive but also more choice, his book in advance stay applies at all levels: transport (train, flight ...), equipment hire, booking of packages, etc .. . so with peace of mind, and everything can be done in your computer.

Throughout the winter season, please always consult the online offers of stay, as based fillings stations, specials, flash sales and other discounts are common.

Then there is also the totally opposite solution: opt for the start of last minute. It relies a little out about departure dates and destinations, so you have to be flexible to enjoy the best experiences. So last minute deals are to enter online, sold off cheap with coupon exceeding 50% reduction cel ... makes you want, but there is some risk!