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A cityguide English very useful for those who want to be aware of the latest trends in culture materials, bar, restaurant, or night trips & hellip;
Blog Topics: Barcelona, ​​tips, culture, gastronomy, exit
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smart diary of a Parisian expat in Barcelona. Culture, visit, concert, exit & hellip; this blogger shares with us her tips with generosity and humor
Blog Topics: Barcelona, ​​culture, music, testimony, photos
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L'auberge espagnole
Barcelona guide for casual youth to its author picture ! Good planning, cultural news, daily life, music are the themes of the articles published on this blog
Blog Topics:. Barcelona, ​​tips, culture, gastronomy, videos, photos, company
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This blog full of tips to get out, have a drink, or find a good restaurant. It will also inform you about current cultural events and on the formalities to be undertaken to emigrate
Blog Topics:. Barcelona, ​​tips, food, practical information, videos, photos, crop
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