Bermuda Sun and luxurious tropics


When you hear Bermuda, we automatically think of two things: the famous triangle where it is said that ships and planes have disappeared, and the famous Bermuda shorts, long shorts above the knee. If the first is legendary and has more to storytelling and imagination than hard evidence, the latter is real. Indeed, the bermuda is the traditional dress of this island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean a thousand kilometers of US coastline. It is also the symbol of the spirit that prevails there. Casual but chic and stylish
For those who want a holiday in the sun on sandy beaches, Bermuda is an alternative choice in the Caribbean and a trip heavenly and unforgettable. Although many make the mistake, Bermuda are not part of this group of islands located in southern California. They are much calmer and enjoyable as the Caribbean and perfect for a relaxing holiday. Because it is forbidden to walk in swimsuits outside the beaches and that life is more expensive, it does not find hordes of tourists.

Gulf and Diving

Apart from spending time on the pink sand beaches at the edge of a pure and warm water, golf and scuba diving are the main activities of the country. With no less than ten golf courses and perfect weather conditions, Bermuda is a favorite destination for lovers of the green. Besides, this is where stands the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, the tournament that brings together the four winners of major tournaments since 2007.
Bermudian coast is a paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts between an extraordinary coral reefs and many shipwrecks that have taken failed. Whether from a boat or a beach, there is so much to discover that you spend as much time underwater than on land!
Bermuda is also synonymous with luxury, with resorts that offer all the comfort needed for a holiday. Sports fields for active holidaymakers, restaurants for food lovers, spa to take care of yourself and relax ... the island has everything you need to forget the hazards of everyday life even more stressed!
The best time to go to Bermuda is ... always! Thanks to the Gulf Stream, it always gentle and never cold in Bermuda. From May to October, temperatures are highest between 23 and 29 ° C, while the average winter is 21oC. This former British colony is a fabulous place and so different from traditional sunny destinations we fully appreciate its relaxed lifestyle. So stay on the lookout for tips and get ready to be homesick!