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Identity Card:
  • People : 3.5 million (2012)

  • Country Germany

  • Language German

    • Currency Euro

    • Payment Cards The use of credit cards is not as common in France .

    • Budget stay 1 Week 300/600 euros .

    • Restaurants
      Cheap : less than 10 € / person
      Average : 15-25 € / person
      Premium . more than 40 € / person.

    • accommodation
      Cheap : less than 15 € / night (hostel)
      Average : 50-60 € / night
      Premium : 120 € more / night


      How to get there?

      • bus : Eurolines serves Berlin from France, visit their site for more info: < span style = "text-decoration: underline;">

      • plane : Berlin is served by many low-cost airlines (TUIfly, EasyJet, Germanwings), flying may be the most economical way to get into the German capital. Berlin has two airports, Tegel and Shonefeld.

      • Train : Night Trains depart to Berlin from Paris. By taking it well in advance can get tickets at competitive rates.

      • Car From Paris, take the direction of Belgium in the direction of Aachen and Cologne then follow the A2 Berlin.

        On site:

        • Car : It is quite easy to drive and park in Berlin .

        • Bus and m étro: The transport network in Berlin shared is highly developed, buses, subways and trams serve throughout the city day and night. The subways weekend work all night.

          • Tips Think to bring the European Health Insurance Card, the request must be made to your insurance fund at least disease 15 days before departure.

            • Pickpocketing Although being a very safe city, it should pay attention to your business in tourist areas and public transport <. / p>

            • racist assaults : Homophobic and racist attacks are reported regularly .

              • Climate : temperate continental climate .

              • Average temperatures 23 & deg; C in summer and 0 & deg; C in winter .

              • Best time to get there: : The winter is long in Germany, it is best to wait for the spring thaw and summer to enjoy the German capital .

                Daily life:
                • Time difference No time difference with France

                • Electrical Outlets : 230V / 50Hz, European plug

                • Calling code 00 49

                • internet, wifi The Internet cafes are not that many, since almost everyone in the Internet at home, by cons if you have your own computer you n 'll have no trouble finding a WiFi access from coffee.

                • Features The Germans are very law-abiding, even if it may seem a bit excessive for a French point of view, you will see that in time this n ' is not so unpleasant.