Beautiful travel books to give for Christmas

See you in earth unknown

A masterful album that gives images on views of a rare splendor and lighting educated on the difficulties of the life of nations worried by cultural homogenization that awaits our world.

France from the sky

Among more than 200 photographs, the authors of this book invite us to a nomadic trek across the country that proves to be personal, amazing and free ...

Almanac 2012 regions

in a 24 cm x 20 cm, this almanac includes various themes which constantly built around the flagship annal Mr. Jean-Pierre Pernaut .

500 dream trips: world road

Paris in 1001 photos

Faced with this book, the reader is invited to discover a guided tour of Paris photos all as authentic as each other.

New York from above

publication that presents a representation, from the sky, the imposing city of New York.

Unforgettable Travel Geo

GEO presents this year its readers a unique walk towards outstanding destinations by exploring the world's most magnificent places in the world.

Atlas abandoned islands

A recap that includes no less than 50 remote and inaccessible islands scattered across the various oceans of the world.

African Wisdom

Decipher this continent with many figures and perceive the African discernment. This book brings together not less than 200 proverbs, sayings and formulas from more than 40 countries in Africa


No less than 150 extraordinary photographs that will show you earth like you have never seen ...

the National Geographic treasures

Offering a wide range of no less than 200 stunning photographs, certified by the best-known reporters, this book discover, through its pages, as unprecedented view prodigious differences on the fantastic world in which we live.