Barcelona by night


Barcelona, ​​for a night, Barcelona time of a lifetime! It's true we have the impression that time stands still when you're in Barcelona. We may have stressed, ran all day, when evening comes, Barcelona knows how to welcome its visitors and adorn the colors of the party!

If you love music, this is perfect! You'll find all kinds of music in Barcelona. Each bar or club will offer you the best kind. You could go to the "Gothic Quarter & Las Ramblas" to find a Spanish medieval atmosphere. Among the places that we suggest you: Rita Blue on Plaza Sant Agusti, a bar that also restaurant and nightclub or the "Bosque de los Fades" is a pub near the wax museum. If it is fine, we advise you to go to the marina: the Port Olimpic, you'll find a driveway clubs and nightclubs. With a little luck, you can get a table outside.

You'll quickly notice that the bars in Barcelona show artistically decorated as if Picasso had been there. Linger to watch the walls, you'll quickly you believe in a museum.

The gay community also has its place in Barcelona. The city offers a vibrant nightlife with many bars and gay clubs and gay-friendly. If this is you are looking for will see the side of Eixample and Gracia. To facilitate research here are some nightclubs addresses gay very trendy in Barcelona: Atame (Consejo de Ciento, 257), Metro Disco (C / Sepúlveda, 185 - Tel: +34 93 323 52 27), Memories (Carrer del Noi del Sucre, 71), the Lady (Ronda Sant Pere, 19-21) and Gay T Dance (Nou Rambla, 113).

Finally, and how not to deal with, you will tast tapas at the time of an evening and see how greed is synonymous with celebration in Barcelona. For this, we advise you to go to the Wine bars in Barcelona. In addition to taste this excellent wine that is renowned throughout Spain, you can feast on tapas.