Plane ride TouquetL'aviation: essential activity in Le Touquet.

Plage du Touquet

Flying discipline is a must in Le Touquet. Indeed, one can appreciate the beauty of the Opal Coast that once in the air. The plane view gives us an exceptional view of Le Touquet and the Somme Bay. We can also see the two caps of the Boulogne side.
The aviation center and is piloting the delight of local and vacationers, in fact the climate that prevails there are elements conducive to the practice of aviation.
In the wind, driving a plane provides a feeling of freedom, whatever the season.
If this moment of relaxation tent, you can contact the easyPilot Aviation Center on International airport Opal Coast Touquet, to make a ballad accompanied by a graduate instructor. You can take control of an aircraft to discover piloting and admire the Opal Coast view ciel.Le aviation center also offers courses on piloting two days.