Learn to ski

The skiing is an exhilarating activity that also playful, which has the advantage of pleasing equally to adults and children ... provided of course, know his stand on skis!

The slides unfortunately does not come alone. This is not an innate talent in humans, although some show more natural ability than others ... but for the latter, needless to despair: no need to become a pro downhill and to tackle the black runs to feel sensations! From the blue runs, after a first pass over the green slopes to get the hand, it is possible to take a lot of fun, and become addicted to skiing!

It is of course possible to take his first steps on the slopes by yourself, with friends, with family, for example, under the guardianship of a relative. This takes some time, but it always happens! However, to learn the basics and feel at ease quickly, probably it is better to be accompanied by a professional instructor.

ski schools: learning for all ages

For ski schools are far from being reserved for children, even if they are the primary beneficiaries. Who has not seen the film the Bronzés are skiing? It is perhaps not the right example to make you want to run ... but the real instructors are themselves also red combinations

In France, to learn to ski, there is a formal structure, the ESF French Ski School. The ESF is present everywhere in the French mountains: Northern and Southern Alps, the Vosges and the Jura, Massif Central and the Pyrenees, in numerous stations. There are about 250 official ski schools in the country, so it's not hard to find one. All ESF schools are listed on its website. www.esf.net

For children

Children can be supported by a ski school from 3 years. At this young age, it is advisable to limit the lessons of half-days (one session morning or afternoon) or every other day, alternating with time spent on the slopes (green ... ) with parents.

Group lessons create a nice collective mind of the child, under the leadership of the monitor. After a difficult start, the playful side takes over! Children gradually learn the basics of skiing, the fundamentals that will be useful throughout their lives skier. From 5 years, courses can intensify, with two sessions a day, morning and afternoon. Objective: To get his first star !

For adults

Adults also can go through the ESF. The ski schools offer group lessons in group and individual private lessons, according to preference. The groups came together seamlessly, and the effect of group still produces its effect: conviviality, good atmosphere, encouragement if needed ... Private lessons are one-hour minimum and allow to focus on such particular facet of the ski: basic, technical, apprehension ...

Ideal for learning a solid foundation before leaving for yourself on the slopes, green, blue, and then, with the confidence gained, red ... Some courses are enough to get in the bath.

Another solution for adults, organized trips. You will find at some tour operators, especially online, ski vacations on the ski school theme; all arranged in advance, accommodation, courses, etc ... Otherwise, you can go through the specialist sports travel, the UCPA, which offers special adult beginners stays with the aim of learning to ski while spending quality time with the group.

Some tips for learning to ski

bulk tips to help you or your children to learn to ski in the best conditions:

-Start slowly, at your own pace. This is not a contest!

You -Entrainez well to master the basics: braking, turning ... it is important on the slopes! The snowplow is passable as long as necessary.

-Inutile to on-fitted to start the ski. Praise simple equipment, for your beginner level, the time to identify what you need.

-The comfort is important: ski boots, warm clothes, suit, sunscreen, sunglasses ... everything to make skiing more enjoyable, especially for small .

-N'hésitez not book your ski or those of your children in advance, when you prepare your holiday to ensure you instead. The monitors are many but in high season, there are many skiers apprentices.

Why not go on a low period during the winter: you'll tracks for you if gadin repeat .

-Do not neglect the small family resorts in the Vosges or Jura areas on a human scale, slopes not too steep, although to quietly learn skiing .

-All stations have green and blue runs. Beginners are welcome everywhere in the mountains.