Antwerp essential places to visit

Anvers, à la pointe de la mode et du diamant

Antwerp, here is a nice town to visit. If you have decided to go to Belgium and go through Antwerp, it will necessarily visit the essential places. Nicknamed the "diamond of Flanders", referring to the diamond naturally.

The capital of Flanders had its reputation also thanks to its port to international dimensions. If you visit Antwerp, you can enjoy beautiful sights of the city.

It will of course make time to discover Grote Markt, a beautiful Flemish architecture that consists of old houses and a Renaissance town hall. It will also visit the Notre Dame cathedral that is worth trying.

The various arts and crafts museums. We recommend booking Friday to visiting museums because they are usually free. You can visit the Museum of Fine Arts the Plantin-Moretus Museum in the city before heading towards Rubenshuis, home of the famous baroque painter Rubens, from Antwerp.

If you love fashion, it is clear that there are essential places that should not be missed. Indeed Antwerp enjoys a high reputation among fashion designers. One can find specialty shops as well as the renowned fashion museum, housed in the city.

Hint, drop into the very design Nationalstraat shops. This is the amazing place to find all the fashionable clothes and accessories at great prices.

If you love nature, you will love the parks in Antwerp. They are beautiful and offer very nice spaces. The Bobbejaanland is a nice park with very nice rides and a zoo with species of animals worldwide. It's interesting if you are with family and children. This is an amusement park where thrill seekers will find their account with the rollercoaster, loops and other attractions at the guaranteed adrenaline levels. The zoo is home to Antwerp, meanwhile, more than 5,000 animal species. Imagine that there are even animals accommodated in listed buildings. Very old, Antwerp Zoo was established in the 19th century. He had another vocation at the time since it was intended to promote zoological and botanical sciences.