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Identity card:
  • People 780 152 hab (2011)

  • Country Netherlands .

  • Region : North Holland

  • Gentilé Amsterdamers (e) .

  • Language : Dutch, English

  • Religion . Catholicism, Protestantism

    • Currency Euro

    • Payment Cards : International credit cards are widely accepted, otherwise you will no trouble finding an ATM

    • Budget stay 1 Week 250-600 Euro

    • Restaurants
      Cheap : less than 10 € / person
      Average . 15-20 € / person
      Premium . more than 40 € / person .

    • accommodation
      Cheap : less than 40 € / night
      Average : 50-80 € / night
      Premium : more than 150 € / night


      How to get there?

      • By Air: Air France serves Amsterdam from 5 to 8 times a day from Charles de Gaulle and KLM operates seven daily flights Paris-Roissy and Amsterdam. Other Direct flights are regularly provided from major French cities.

      • By bus: Eurolines serves the Netherlands at very attractive prices, from Paris and major French cities. The company Megabus also serves Amsterdam from Paris and Brussels. We should also mention iDBUS which offers trips to Amsterdam from Paris and Lille.

      • By train: With the fast Thalys train from Paris to Amsterdam via Rotterdam, fast but not cheap. Conventional trains also cross the borders between France, Belgium and Holland.

      • By car: From Paris, follow Lille and Ghent (Gent), Antwerp (Antwerp), Breda, Rotterdam, The Hague ( den Haag), Amsterdam. (5h path).

        On site:

        • Car : The car is not recommended in Amsterdam, leave the car park, between bicycles, tramways, rare and expensive car parking and lanes one way countless motoring Amsterdam is just a bad idea.

        • Bicycle: Definitely the best way to get around town, the bike rental are legion. Beware of bike theft, very common in Amsterdam.

          • Delinquency: The tourist areas of Amsterdam attract pickpockets, the pickpockets and petty criminals. Be especially vigilant in the Red Light District, the night do not get lost in the streets, and do not follow the touts or dealers, most of the time it's the scam assured.

            Some of Amsterdam suburbs are best avoided, as a tourist you will have a priori no reason to set foot there. Sloter west of the areas of the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal and Duivendrecht

            • Climate: Temperate oceanic, cool summer and winter rather marked .

            • Average temperatures 25 & deg; C in summer and 0 & deg; C in winter .

            • Best time to reach You can visit Amsterdam at any time of the year, however, in winter the days are short and it can get very cold. A good time to go to the Netherlands is the spring when the tulips are in bloom.

              Daily life: