Aix en Provence: the must places to visit Scent of a Woman


Pretty town in southern France, Aix en Provence is a dynamic area, on both the number of universities, which attracts in addition, a large crowd of tourists. If you decide to discover Aix en Provence, this will be a good opportunity to enjoy the sun and the friendliness of its inhabitants. But this city is all about corners paradise with breathtaking nature without forgetting all this beautiful heritage that she knows so well emphasized. How not know a Cours Mirabeau, one of the axes of the city, or the Rotonde fountain. Aix en Provence offers several places not to miss. Take the road of Cézanne and visit the Sainte Victoire, you will have an exceptional view. You can walk and get there on foot or bicycle. The more adventurous take backpack and all equipment and climb to the top on foot. In addition you will find everything from restaurants to eat or quench your thirst. Enjoy this quiet to pause out of time. It is also ideal if you are with your children, they can play and have fun outdoors.

Once rested, we can resume the tour of the city and head to the downtown. And it is here that you will discover the Cours Mirabeau, the Rotunda and the fountain. The Cours Mirabeau is superb, it has been renovated to offer a splendid setting. Embroidered with plane trees, in addition to discovering greenery you can also enjoy the shops and restaurants that animate.

After a tour of the city and discovered the beauty of all these rich stories streets, it is time to move to that Aix en Provence does best, hydrotherapy. Imagine the Spa, we have just the time. Moreover, the Roman Baths are on the course Sextius near the Cours Mirabeau. They are functional and you can treat yourself to relax. You can also simply visit.

If you have time, visit Aix en Provence at Christmas, in addition to enjoying a mild climate at this time of the year. Its Christmas market is very beautiful and deserves special attention.