Enjoy the cultural heritage of Andalusia

If you are looking for a cultural holiday more special, you need to quickly book your trip in Andalusia, in southern Spain. At the heart of this city, crowded, lies picturesque historic monuments known worldwide. After enjoying the beautiful natural landscape of Andalusia, take the path of one of the most famous parts of the city, Cordoba. Here, the emotion is guaranteed once you are at the foot of the Great Mosque, the second world after Mecca. After see from inside and outside, continue your way to a Roman city named Seville. You will have the chance to visit there Maria Luisia Park and discover its cathedral, site of the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Do not miss, once there, discover the legendary Giralda minaret dating from the eleventh century. Before stopping for a first break, go explore the Alcazar castle, the heart of which, lies the most beautiful gardens and fountains of the world it is a historic monument visited annually by thousands depersonnes. After taking time to savor a cup of tea in one of the bars in town, head to Jerez, the famous port wine in the city. At the heart of this place, you can explore several churches with pure Andalusian architecture. Other surprises await you in Andalusia, including joining the city of Granada, the ancient Roman city. Follow signs to the Alhambra road, an old fort, a royal palace, the meeting place of Arab princes of the city. All around, you will be dazzled by the natural scenery of its beautiful garden and its various ponds that surround it. At the end of your stay in Andalusia, you will realize that the time is past .... Soon!