Sports in Aquitaine

The Landes coast thrives in ponds, some of which are arranged in watersports. When the sea rebels, the snow sports enthusiasts hoist themselves on their surfboards. Lacanau, near Bordeaux, receives every year a test of the World Cup.

In addition national repercussion, rugby, single discipline to be exercised at a high level throughout the region, appears to have been invented for the cadets and offers fierce encounters. Purists even have their Temple, Notre-Dame-du-Rugby at Larrivière in Landes.

Basketball develops between Landes and Béarn.

Soccer camps in Bordeaux (and also in Libourne) where the Girondins, beyond the few years "without" and a random management, always covet the first places of the national championship.

Landes to the Pyrenees, the Landes cows always trigger vocations as "spacers" and "jumpers" in younger people. bullfights also retain their ardent practitioners who meet in Dax, Mont-de-Marsan and Bayonne, famous "plazas de toros."

the mountain allows, summer, rafting, hang gliding, paragliding, mountain biking, hiking on average and high mountain, horseback riding. in winter, small resorts with steep slopes make it possible to ski.

Gironde bike

600 km of cycle paths and roads built for the c yclisme delight the eye department, mainly along the coast. The tracks have a very good maintenance, arrow and generally flat. However, if you select the ribs (not very steep), a beautiful track (called Roger Lapébie) built along a former railway line runs through the Entre-Deux-Mers hilly: Latresne (about ten km from Bordeaux ) to Sauveterre-de-Guyenne.