Activity in the Alps: new snow

Rhône Alpes

The snowboard is fully separated from the skiing technique. We distinguish two main contradictions: the feet are located one behind the other, obliquely on a board and is not used sticks. The Snows "soft" more admit mistakes. The more you are faster, your balance will be great ... and the hard fall. & # 13; The parabolic skis carving above named have virtually replaced the traditional skis: the distinction? They have a big head with huge spatulas and a wasp waist. A form that allows cut corners, that is to say fast and tight, giving different sensations than traditional skis, close to that of snowboarding. By cons, schuss, parabolic skis are less pleasant than skis rights. & # 13; The snowblade having skis 90 cm maximum length, is, to sum up, the ski that the pen is at the roller skate of the past.

Easy to learn (we can easily adopt technical after an hour of course), the snowblade practiced without stick like snowboarding, downhill or in a snowpark (Figures on individual modules or as part of a half-pipe). & # 13; Telemark is an ancient practice that dates back sharply. With a certain elegance but practice an important technicality: take turns bending lot knees (the back of the shoe is not fixed) to adjust the downhill ski much ahead of uphill ski. You will still need long hours of training before making a perfect circle. Telemark practice track as in free-ride. & # 13; Kitesurfing: or kite skiing. The youngest of new snow. We slide pulled by a giant kite.