7 tips for traveling with your dog

For a pleasant and safe trip with your pet dog, be aware that there are some tips to consider.

1- Make sure your dog can pass the border
The establishment of an international health certificate for your dog is essential to be able to travel all over the world. The validation of all its documents is made by the county department in charge of protecting the population.

2- Think comfort of your dog
If you are traveling by plane, there is a maximum permissible weight for the dog by the airlines. Learn

3- Consider giving him painkillers
To prevent your dog is nervous, ask your veterinarian to administer sedatives.

4. Your dog should feel like home
Take the favorite cuddly toy of your dog, and accustom it to the cage to make him feel as good as in your own home.

5- A visible identification
You can lose your dog while traveling. This is why it must be identified by a tattoo fool either by an electronic chip.

6. A regular walk
Just like home, when you travel by car, you will walk your dog regularly, to make him feel as well.

A regulatory 7- transport cage
Remember to bring a cage meets the regulatory criteria in which he will stand, and many move, breathe, and you can place under your seat as the landing and takeoff.