6th Biennial Out Standards

For its 6th edition, the BHN hosting this year more than 250 artists in nearly 30 places in Lyon and Rhône-Alpes. Its purpose is to examine the different conceptions of art that have prevailed since the Renaissance. Art Brut Dubuffet named in response to the reference to past models, to artists from the center of the Apple Orchard, Belgium, the Biennale Out Standards, led by a group of artists, organizes exhibitions, meetings and conferences around the very definition of art.
As in previous editions, the 6BHN brings together artists and citizens around artistic and social issues. It is meant to be a mediator to allow more to discover, view and discuss art in general. In its efforts to promote access to art at all, the 6BHN chosen from free entries to exhibitions, conferences and debates. The general public to the most remote populations, the public of the BHN is increasingly diversified
It's the same for these artists. Gross classified, unique on the sidelines, self-taught or outgoing Schools of Fine Arts belonging to themselves, there are the 6BHN. Their common point is the spontaneity and authenticity. . The BHN artists are chosen for their ability to question the intimate
2015, the 6BHN is built around a common theme: Intimate Extime or Intimate Developers. A private developer is an element that allows the artist to move from the intimate (deep inside) at Extime (produce and give to see), and the shutter button, the click, which triggers a process where more nothing will be as before.