5 weekends ideas in Europe to celebrate Halloween

Halloween gaining ground in France, but other club nights and special attractions at amusement parks, we can not say that this festival is particularly followed in general ...
Halloween tradition comes from the north. So to northern latitudes that you enjoy the best Halloween festive atmosphere of terror: Britain, Ireland, the Scandinavian countries also
... For all lovers of pumpkins, witches and ghosts, costumes and chills, it is not too late to book a special Halloween weekend in Europe, ahead of 31 October, where the festivities are in full swing ... You know
from nowhere to scare you? Here are 5 ideas to celebrate Halloween in Europe:

Halloween busy in London

not provide a comprehensive program ... small selection to entertain serious chills - the London Dungeon in the opinion of many, one of the best museums of horrors that is ... perfect for Halloween, a dive into the darkest depths of London as frightening that funny ... - London Bridge Experience and London Tombs : two must-see attractions for the price of one. It takes strong nerves to traverse the corridors haunted London Bridge ... and the worst yet to come: the zombies are lurking in the shadows of the London Tombs - Up at The O2 : A recent attraction London remakes that dark colors Halloween ... full ascent of traps you to the top, where are presented the best horror sights of London! - Jack The Ripper Tour : what better way to Halloween than to look at the path of the most sinister characters of London, Jack the Ripper - Halloween Club Nights : the October 27 evening, clubbers will not know where to turn given the number of 'Halloween Party' 'which endiableront night at Factory 7, the Waiting Room, the Big Chill House .... appalling disguises rigor. When to go?
Number of events taking place over several days, but if you do need to remember that weekend, that of the 27-28 October looks particularly vibrant. where to sleep?
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Halloween Festival in Europa Park

from late September to early November, Europa Park is overrun with pumpkins, skeletons, cobwebs, with Halloween special highlighting for a spectral effect ... the attractions stamped '' horror '' will be the part. Among the best: - Horror Nights : every weekend until November 3, insured grueling nights, you will be your own player horror film ... the kind that we would be okay to be the hero - Halloween Festival : October 26 to November 4, the festivities for Halloween gain in intensity every day, with night parade of bizarre creatures, dance show and a market specifically dedicated to horror - the Villa : a new attraction for a classic horror: a house haunted by creatures somewhat pleasing ... these are really actors? - SWR3 Halloween Party the evening of 31, DJ's and music take possession of the park When to go:
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www.europapark.com .

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Halloween in Tivoli, Copenhagen

n: the gray, rain, night falls at 15h, decor a sinister strand ... but do you no mistake, Copenhagen is far from a ghost town at this time!
Halloween is widely celebrated in many bars and pubs of the capital, but the great must-Copenhagen Halloween is its amusement park, Tivoli. This garden while light, which dates back to the nineteenth century, is adorned with disturbing trappings of October 12 to 28.
A big pumpkin guards the entrance of the park, whose decor is revisited for Halloween: spiders, witches and scarecrows, the classics are present, accompanied theme specially designed for the occasion: - The haunted house a new haunted house, whose inhabitants are mostly goblins and ghouls! Funk ensured every bad encounter ...- Tivoli Witches strange invited throw a little spell over the Tivoli Gardens ... the witches leave may convince reveal their magic formulas. In front of The Old Mill (The Old Mill), the latter organizing fun activities, like catching spiders or cut out Halloween pumpkins ...- Halloween Parade : a big parade tells the story of Pierrot, Harlequin and Columbine, who discovered a stash of witches ... and history repeats itself every day a great show through the gardens .- Tivoli after 18h : the park is frankly scary as the night deepens ... only the brave over 12 years then the right to stay! When to go?
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From Samhain Halloween in Dublin

a special Halloween weekend, we suggest you simply Dublin Ireland's capital comes alive many attractions during the last days of October, with parades, pumpkins, scary stories and vampires. ..- Bram Stoker Festival : you do not know Bram Stoker? The Irish writer founded one of the biggest myths of horror literature, Dracula! During three days, from 26 to 28 October, a festival celebrates the author and his creation through movies, theater, street entertainment, everywhere in Dublin. Everything is free - Halloween Haunted History Tour : the dark streets of Dublin's historic center has been the scene of many ghost stories and other disturbing creatures ... this tour invites you to discover the macabre stories that flourished in the capital (from October 20 to November 1). - Spooktacular Horror Haunted Farm is just the must-see attraction in Dublin who wants to make a real scared! The many activities do not care about all the jitters, that's why they are so successful ... for Halloween, best to book in advance - Samhain 2012 : Do not miss the 28th October Samhain feast in the forest of Marlay Park invaded mist. Along a route of 1.5 kilometers (free entry), you'll come across all sorts of bugs and Halloween monsters ... families come in costume, you are warned! When to go?
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Halloween Burg Frankenstein

Castle Frankenstein , whose walls date back to the eighteenth century, seems the ideal site for a terrifying party amusing. But where does this castle Frankenstein? If it was the property of the lords of Frankenstein the Middle Ages, he was also visited by Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein, who found here a great inspiration to meet an alchemist for very specific purposes. ..Depuis several years now, the castle Frankenstein is best known for its Halloween fiestas that take place in late October. For several nights, the castle is haunted by terrifying creatures any more than each other, vampires, werewolves, monsters and other unspeakable creatures. The evenings are held on weekend nights, Fridays and Saturdays between 19 October and 4 November. We walk in the forest, in the corridors of the castle, and we made some nice fears by meeting the monsters lurking in the area, 99 in total! To recover, a visit to the bar or tavern ... Of course, one is blue fears, but mostly we laugh! Evenings Hallloween in Burg Frankenstein rather family, but the age of 14 are not invited ... too scary! For children, Halloween afternoons are held on Wednesdays. When to go?
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Getting there < br /> There is no 36 solutions and simplest remains the car. Parking is provided, with a shuttle service (Halloween Shuttle Bus). By train from Frankfurt Station downhill Darmstadt-Eberstadt, and shuttles link.