2kids1bag, fast and easy equipment rentals for travelers moms!


2kids1bag is a children's equipment rental. This service is designed to facilitate your trips, your family rides, your events so you can enjoy every moment with ease and peace ...

Rent everything you need: pushchair, cot, car seat, high chair, scooter, deckchair ...

1 service, 2 possibilities:

1. Points removal: Remove your product in rental spaces and Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle 7 days / 7 (Reservations recommended on the website)
2. Delivery: Please deliver directly to the desired address (Paris, Ile de France)

An idea to simplify your trips with family

2kids1bag & hellip; or the art of traveling light with one or more children

2kids1bag was created in 2011 by Karen Arm, this mom 2kids had this idea during a family trip. Mother of 2 children, needs when traveling are immense: stroller, bouncer, bottle heater pod, & hellip; How to successfully carry everything? and especially do not forget anything? What will be the cost of the extra baggage? Or find a scooter for the whole family? On his return trip, Karen decided to create 2kids 1bag that travel with children can finally rhyme with quietness and simplicity!

His commitment: quality, thanks to a wide range of products consists of the top brands of childcare chosen for comfort and safety of children .

2kids1bag ... for the mobility of families in town!

What sets 2kids1bag:

- His presence everywhere in Paris Roissy and through its network of partner rental spaces
(Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Marais, Gare du Nord, Bastille, Pere Lachaise) 7/7
- The express delivery service 7/7
- The attractive price: 1 rental day = 1 day free !

Discover service: http://fr.2kids1bag.com/