10 sites to check before leaving for Greece


Greece attracts many visitors every year with its archaeological sites, the beauty of its islands, its charming villages ... What are you waiting for you too succumb to the magic of this country? Here at least 10 sites to whet your mouth and hold your future journey in Greece.

Discover Greece

1. Visit Greece
The official website for tourism in Greece, it is clear, beautiful, full of ideas, but only in English. Find many practices and travel information for historical and cultural presentation, monuments and museums to visit, ideas itineraries, accommodations, recipes, best places to shop and events ... It is possible to download maps and guides on Greece.

  • The website www.visitgreece.gr

    2. Travel Greece Matt Barrett
    Certainly the most complete guide to Greece, but reserved for Anglophones. The site does not look and design side there would be wrong, but it is a veritable bible of tourism in Greece, not a city, an island, a region or Matt is gone, not of Athens or he was dragging his gaiters. The site is also full of practical information with respect to schedules and bus routes, trains and ferries, a reference.

    • The website www.greecetravel.com

      3. The Grèce.com
      Grèce.com is a tourist information website on Greece, where you can check the weather in Greece, general information, cultural or tourist. There is also a section classifieds and a forum. All in French.

      • The website www.la-grece.com

        Blogs about Greece and Athens

        4. Traveling the Cyclades
        A nice blog on Athens and the Cyclades, Milos, Ios, Santorini, Amorgos and Mykonos. Program: practical information, tips accommodation and travel impressions. In short, a site that caters to both those who wish to prepare for future travel in the Cyclades, than those looking enough to feed their nostalgia for their last journey in Greece.

        • The website voyagecyclades.fr

          5. Richard's blog: Hiking Crete
          Because-as writing we love Crete, we have pleasure to introduce one of the most interesting blogs on the latter. The friend Richard lists all the hiking trails in great detail, a must for hikers.

          • blog address: www.chemins-de-crete.fr

            6. The notebooks Berenice: My Athens
            A blog on Athens, the Greek culture and current events in the country, all accompanied by pictures and delectable anecdotes. Let yourself be guided and discover a city of Athens more authentic and intimate from the traditional travel guides.

            • blog address: http://my-athens.blogspot.fr

              see also: Athens off the beaten path: www.athens-offthebeatenpath.com < / em>
              'Stop being a tourist in Athens', this could be the motto Athens off the beaten path, a site in English but very full on Athens, for those looking to off the beaten path in the Greek capital, far from clichés and tourist areas around the Acropolis. The site also lists the best places to have a drink, see a show or listen to a concert.

              Travel in Greece

              7. KTEL
              The bus network is the main KTEL intercity public transport service in Greece. This is a collaboration of 62 regional bus companies
              Each region has its website with schedules and bus routes for you there check out the sites below, the first lists all sites by region the second is dedicated to transport by bus in Crete.

              • KTEL on the continent: www.ktelbus.gr
              • KTEL Crete: www.bus-service-crete-ktel.com

                8. railway network OSE
                The OSE (Organization of Railways in Greece) is the national airline Greek railways. Find their website routes, schedules and train tickets prices. It is against by not buy his ticket on the site, which also is in English.
                The website www.ose.gr

                • Also see: Website Olympic Aviation www.aia.gr

                  9. Greek Ferries.gr
                  This site GREEKFERRIES compare ticket prices on all boat routes in Greece and Italy to Greece. Compare prices between different companies and book clicks. The site has an interface in French.