10 sites to check before leaving in the Cyclades

The Cyclades attract many visitors each year thanks to the beauty of its islands and its charming villages ... What are you waiting for you too succumb to the magic of Milos, Ios, Santorini, Amorgos, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos ...? Here at least 10 sites to whet your mouth and hold your future journey in the Cyclades

Discover the Cyclades

1. Visit Greece
The official website for tourism in Greece, it is clear, beautiful, full of ideas, but only in English. Find many practices and travel information for historical and cultural presentation, monuments and museums to visit, ideas itineraries, accommodations, recipes, best places to shop and events ... It is possible to download maps and guides on Greece.

  • The website www.visitgreece.gr

    2. Travel Greece Matt Barrett
    Certainly the most complete guide to Greece, but reserved for Anglophones. The site does not look and design side there would be wrong, but it is a veritable bible of tourism in Greece, not a city, an island, a region or Matt is gone, not of Athens or he was dragging his gaiters. The site is also full of practical information with respect to schedules and bus routes, trains and ferries, a reference.

    • The website www.greecetravel.com

      3. Cyclades.com Islands
      Cyclades is a site of cultural and tourist information about the Cyclades in Greece. Find on the website photos and tourist information, good planning, accommodation, etc ... The site also lets you search for flights, hotels and all types of stays in the Cyclades.

      • The website www.iles-cyclades.com

        4. Greece Blue
        Greece Blue is another tourist information website on the Cyclades. Find pictures on the site, good planning, accommodation, history and geography of the Cyclades, etc ... The site also lets you search for flights, hotels and all types of stays in the Cyclades.

        • The website www.grece-bleue.net

          Blogs on Cyclades

          5. Traveling the Cyclades
          A nice blog on Athens and the Cyclades, Milos, Ios, Santorini, Amorgos and Mykonos. Program: practical information, tips accommodation and travel impressions. In short, a site that caters to both those who wish to prepare for future travel in the Cyclades, than those looking enough to feed their nostalgia for their last journey in Greece.

          • The website address: voyagecyclades.fr

            6. Blog Murielle Paros
            The blog allows Murielle Paros help travelers prepare for a trip to Greece and especially in the Cyclades with photos, descriptive texts, anecdotes, maps and ideas for itineraries, a good taste of Paros in the Cyclades.

            • The website address: paros-cyclades.over-blog.com

              Go Cyclades

              7. Greek Ferries.gr
              This site GREEKFERRIES compare ticket prices on all boat routes in Greece and Italy to Greece. Compare prices between different companies and book clicks. The site has an interface in French. The website www.greekferries.gr

              Greek companies:
              -Anek Lines: www.anek.gr
              -Minoan Lines:
              -Superfast www.superfast.co
              -Grimaldi Lines: www.grimaldi-lines.com
              -Ventouris Ferry: http://ventouris.gr
              -Blue Star Ferries:
              -Agoudimos Lines: www.agoudimos-lines.com < / a>

              Find accommodation in the Cyclades

              8. Cyclades holidays
              Holidays Cyclades offers various types of accommodation throughout the Cyclades: seasonal rentals, villas, apartments, studios, rooms and hotels. With partners you can also rent a car, taking a mini day cruises from Paros, or longer cruises sailboat or catamaran. Circuits are possible between the different islands, combined with 2, 3 or 4 islands in a week or two
              website. www.holidays-cyclades.com
              9. Greeka.com
              Greeka.com offers a wide selection of hotels, villas and all inclusive stays throughout Greece, including the Greek islands. This site also can book a flight to Greece, rent a car, book a cruise. This site also provides practical and general information on Greece and its islands.
              website: www.grecehotels.com
              10. Trip Advisor
              Visit TripAdvisor to find a good hotel in Greece, thanks to customer opinions you are normally sure not to fall on the wrong address. Note Tripadvisor is not a reservation center, the site just provides consumer reviews at the time of booking you will be sent to sites like Expedia or Venere.
              The site: www.tripadvisor.fr