10 sites to check before leaving Japan

Le mont Fuji

Japan, with its unique traditional culture and cities ultramodern world, is a destination that thrills and intrigue many of us. Here are 10 sites to prepare your stay and learn more about this country unconventional:

Discover Japan

1. Tourist Office of Japan
Tourisme-japon.fr is the official website of the Office of the Japanese tourism. The site provides many practical and tourist information Japan: monuments and museums, history and culture, maps and guides, transportation, outings and events, shopping, excursions and walks, sports, weather, hotels, restaurants and cafes, etc. ..
the site provides very detailed information about different types of hotels in Japan; Hotel western style business hotel, ryokan, minshuku, capsule hotel, etc ... You can not book a hotel directly from this site, but the office of the Japanese tourism nevertheless provides numerous links to booking centers of hotel.

  • Tourist Office: www.tourisme-japon.fr

    2. Embassy of Japan in France
    On the Japanese Embassy site in Paris find all the information related to Japan's diplomatic relations and partnerships with France. Please also read the various formalities to stay as part of a holiday, as well as to work and study in them. (Website in French).

    • Japanese Embassy in France: www.fr.emb-japan.go.jp

      3. Japan easy
      With the homepage Japan Easily find all the information necessary to prepare your trip to the land of the rising sun; Visa, air tickets, accommodation, transport, city maps, the best times to get there, how to travel to Japan to settle and live there, and more
      site. www.lejaponfacile.com

      Blogs on Japan

      4. The Japon.fr
      Find out the Japon.fr photos and articles of the Japanese daily for a photographer, French journalist and writer living in Japan since 2007. This blog is a reference to the country, was repeatedly cited by magazines and television / radio.

      • Blog: www.lejapon.fr

        5. Nani Nani - blog Dreamy Japan
        Discover the adventures of a French illustrator in Japan for a year through its BD blog. Sophie Durand is a young Franco-Chinese illustrator who lives in Paris and is part of a year living in Japan as part of a working holiday visa in 2011.
        Blog: www.dreamy.fr/blog/&lrm ;
        6. Issekinicho - Live Blog of Japan
        Another very nice blog as BD blog by two young illustrators who spent two years in Japan in 2010/2012 as part of a Working Holiday then as an artist. through this blog authors talk about their day, all photos, comics and sounds. They also published two books about Japan: Tokyo Ohanami and Nekoland
        Blog:. www.issekinicho.fr

        Go and circulate in Japan

        7. Japan Airlines
        The domestic network airlines is very modern, two airlines, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, connect major Japanese cities regularly. Japan Airlines International is the Japanese national airline. It operates international and domestic flights on four continents.

        • Japan Airlines www.jal.com

          8. Hyperdia transport in Japan
          Hyperdia inform the passenger on routes and schedules of trains and planes in Japan. The site allows you to compose an optimal route, you then returns to the central reservation of the various airlines and railroads. Practice and English.

          • The website www.hyperdia.com

            9. Japan Rail Pass
            The train network is highly developed and efficient, all cities are served by fast trains. As against the train is not given, it is almost as expensive as the plane. Invest in the Japan Rail Pass if you plan to take the train a few times during your stay in Japan.

            • The website www.jr-pass.fr

              Find accommodation in Japan

              10. Save
              Expedia.fr is an online travel agency operating travel bookings for a number of airlines and hotels.
              The site also provides a significant amount of information practical and tourist on several destinations around the world.
              Finally be sure to take a look under 'last minute' to find a good deal.