10 sites to check before heading to Brazil


Brazil is vast, vast, things to see and do seem endless, it is sure that you will not see everything in one trip, it goes so you have to make choices and target the better what you are looking for help in this somewhat easy task here is a selection of 10 informative and sights on Brazil.

Discover Brazil

1. Brazil Tourism Website
With VisitBrasil.com find a substantial range of practical and tourist information to plan your stay in Brazil.
You will find on the site of ideas and itineraries walks and hikes, but also kind of information; Or sleep ? Where to eat ? Or out? Have to do ? Getting around destinations sheets, maps and guides, good shots, weather, shopping, sports activities, events calendar ... in short everything to plan your next trip to Brazil.
The site is in French.

  • Tourist Office: www.visitbrasil.com

    2. Latina ABC
    An independent and comprehensive tourist guide on Brazil: selection of destinations, accommodations, transport, leisure, while organizing his vacation in Brazil. With partner sites can book a hotel, all inclusive stay, a flight or a car.
    The website www.abc-latina.com

    3. Rio de Janeiro Tourist Office
    Welcome to the official website of the tourist office in Rio de Janeiro, it includes many practical and tourist information: monuments and museums, map and guide, transport exit and events, shopping, weather, excursions and walks, sports activities, etc ... Find all the useful addresses: banks and post offices, hotels and restaurants, tourism offices, airport, railway station and bus station, embassy. ..
    The site is in English.

    • The website www.rioguiaoficial.com.br

      Blogs Brazil

      4. Mamagalo
      Mamagalo blog chronicles the adventures of a family of French expats living in Brazil for more than a year. What is this blog: the Brazil of course through small daily chronicles often funny and offbeat. Discover ...

      • blog: mamagalo.over-blog.com

        5. A French Brazil
        The blog of a French expatriate in Brazil. In an intimate and personal way, but also with humor the author of this blog so do we share his life in Brazil, its pleasures, its joys and sorrows, also share us his tips, talks about news cultural and news for short, pushes favorites or rant