10 sites to check before heading to Marseille

Port près de Marseille

Discover Marseille, the oldest city in France, and the largest city in the French Riviera. Discover a separate culture, an important historical heritage, enjoy the sea, the old harbor and surrounding creeks. To whet your mouth and make your next stay in Marseille we suggest you consult the following ten sites before you leave.

Discover Marseille

1. Tourist Office & Convention Center in Marseille
Find the official website of the Marseilles tourist office all information essential to the success of your stay in Marseille: Where to stay? Where to eat ? Or out? Have to do ? Getting around maps and guides, good shots, weather, city-pass, shopping, excursions and walks, sports activities, events calendar, etc ... On the Marseilles tourist office website you can also book your accommodation.

  • Official website: www.marseille-tourisme.com

    2. Website of the city of Marseille
    Found on the website of the Mayor of Marseille various council services and contacts of local people, but also many tourist order information, as well as calendar of events, news of the city, offers of employment, as well as all activities and entertainment as possible in Marseille and surroundings.

    • The site: www.marseille.fr

      3. Tourist Guide in Marseille and Provence
      Find the site of the Union of city initiatives Marseille all information essential to the success of your stay in Marseille: Where to stay? Where to eat ? Or out? Have to do ? Getting around
      Tourist Guide in Marseille: www.marseille-provence-tourisme.com

      out in Marseille

      4. Exit Marseille Provence
      Find the site www.marseille.sortir.eu all events outings and cultural programming on Marseille. The site also provides access to a ticket touts for cultural events online. Note: place an ad for a cultural event is completely free Exit .

      • The site: www.marseille.sortir.eu

        5. Marseille by Night
        A vital site for all our friends revelers, Marseille by Night is a site on the evening news on Marseille and Aix en Provence. Find the schedule of parties and concerts, as well as the addresses of most bars, restaurants and nightclubs of Marseilles. .

        • The site: www.marseillebynight.com

          Blogs Marseille

          6. Anais and Pedro
          Find many chronic full of good humor about life in Marseilles, and full of good restaurants and cafes addresses selected for us by Anais and Pedro, all accompanied by photos and videos and lots of other cool stuff as they say themselves ...

          • Anais and Pedro | Restaurants and attractions in Marseille: www.anaisetpedro.com

            7. Marseille B side.
            Marseille B side is an independent blog dedicated to the artistic and cultural events in Marseille. Find the schedule of exhibitions and concerts, artist residency programs, and many other things ...

            • Marseille Cultural blog: www.marseille-face-b.fr

              Getting around in Marseille

              8. MarseilleTransports.com
              This site MarseilleTransports.com find all the essential information for a smooth traveling to Marseille. Be aware of traffic conditions, check schedules of the lines and the current rates by zone and individual tickets. You also find here a map with the different bus lines, train and metro.

              • The site: www.marseilletransports.com

                9. RTM Transport Authority of Marseille: Metro, Tram, Bus
                The RTM site Transport Authority of Marseille, provides real-time information on transit schedules and traffic conditions public transport in Marseille. You can also set your itinerary by entering your starting point and your destination, whether by bus, tram or metro.

                • The site: www.rtm.fr

                  Accommodation in Marseille

                  10. Booking.com
                  If you are going to Marseille, you will find a large hotel infrastructure and opportunities for various accommodations. For a cheap hotel in Marseille, it will take you away from the tourist center of the city, or head to a hostel
                  Book your accommodation in Marseille from a wide selection of hotels on Booking.com. 3 stars at the luxury hotel, through the charming hotel and hostel. To help you make your choices compare notes and comments left by customers on the site.