10 sites to check before going to Istanbul

City gigantic, eclectic, colorful, it's easy to get lost in Istanbul. To help you navigate and plan your stay, here is a selection of useful websites; the tourist office site Istanbul of course, the official website of Istanbul Public Transportation, and several blogs and sites of tourist information.

Discover Istanbul

1. Turkey's tourist office
Find the official website of the Turkish tourism office all the information essential to the success of your stay in Turkey: Where to stay? Where to eat ? Or out? Have to do ? Getting around maps and guides, good shots, weather, shopping, excursions and walks, sports activities, events diary, etc..Sur the website of the Turkish tourist office you can also book a hotel from a wide range of accommodation .

  • Tourist Office: goturkey.com

    2. Istanbul traveler's guide
    Istanbul Info.fr is an independent tour guide who provides an important source of practical and tourist information Istanbul events, tips and tricks, daily life, reports, city plan and transport, etc ...
    A traveler forum is also available to you. The site is entirely in French.

    • The website www.istanbul-info.fr

      3. Planet Turkey
      Another tourist guide to visit and discover Istanbul, the site also provides a plethora of information on the rest of Turkey and the main tourist destinations: Ankara, Cappadocia, Antalya, Izmir, etc. ..

      • The site:

        4. Istanbul Guide
        Yet another travel guide Istanbul in French (it's amazing what any), the latter is particularly full, there is not a corner of Istanbul or the author was not, in the program: Where to stay? Where to eat ? Or out? Have to do ? Getting around maps and guides, good shots, weather, shopping, excursions and walks, sports activities, events calendar, etc ..

        • The website www.istanbulguide.net

          Blogs Istanbul

          5. Living in Istanbul
          Finally a blog on Istanbul clear and well done, or we are not overwhelmed by the pub and indigestible quantities of information of all kinds. With sobriety author of this blog so do we share his life in Istanbul, shares her tips and ideas for walking, talks about current cultural events and news short at Istanbul.

          • blog: vivreaistanbul.fr

            6. Istanbul Home, the site Francophone Istanbul
            Istanbul Home is the website of the Association of Francophone Istanbul, this asso in order to help you to get settled in Istanbul in informing you and by proposing activities, meetings, outings, etc ... There is also a section on the site classifieds: jobs, sales, Turkish and french courses, house staff, various ...

            • blog: www.istanbulaccueil.org

              7. Miss Istanbul
              Share the daily life of a French in Istanbul on the blog of miss Istanbul, the program: tips, cultural events, good restaurants, mood tickets, excursions, outings, meetings. The blog is clear and well done and really makes you want to dive in and read every post.

              • blog: mademoiselleistanbul.com

                Go to Istanbul

                8. Turkish national railway company
                TCDD (Railways of the Republic of Turkey) provides domestic rail links with all of Turkey and international links with most neighboring countries. Istanbul is connected to Greece and Bulgaria, on the Asian side the network is connected to Iran, Syria and Armenia. On the site of TCDD (site in English and Turkish), you can see all the routes and schedules, you can also eServer online your next train journey in Turkey.

                • The site: www.tcdd.gov.tr ​​

                  9. Site of public transport in Istanbul
                  On the official website of public transport Istanbul's find all the essential information for a smooth traveling in Istanbul. Be aware of traffic conditions, check schedules of the lines and the current rates by zone and individual tickets, discover what is the best route between two addresses. You also find here a map with the different bus lines, train and subway
                  website. www .iett.gov.tr ​​

                  Find accommodation in Istanbul

                  10. Hostel Bookers
                  www.hostelbookers.com is a hostel reservation center (French interface). The site lists hostels around the world, but also cheap hotels, apartments, bed and breakfasts and campsites.
                  Hostelbookers.com can book a hostel, individually or in group no booking fees.
                  the hostels offer is wide and diverse, and well detailed listings.
                  in addition to help you in your selection you can view customer feedback and the Note the general assessment of the property.