10 worrying signs when you take the plane

Flying is not an easy task for everyone, but for many travelers, this is a mere formality. Except in cases of troubling signs & hellip; which quickly spend quiet flight in a state of anxiety. Examples:

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1.The crew stirs

When the stewards and stewardesses start running in the closed mine, one quickly begins to imagine they know something that the passengers, we ignore

2.De water flows from the air conditioning

flowing on the plane walls, one might think that this water flows directly through the door or through the window while he is only a leak the air conditioning.

3.The oxygen masks fall

This does not mean that the plane is going to crash, but a depressurization problem. Put on your mask and breathe quietly!

The 4-plane does not take off

Everyone settles, the plane looks ready to share but nothing happens & hellip; late? Technical problem ? Accident ? In this case the minutes pass very slowly & hellip;

The 5-plane poses heavily in the rain

This is intentional! To avoid aquaplaning, pilots landing more brutally in the rain!

6-The bathroom door opens from the outside

In fact it's disturbing when you know that anyone can theoretically open washroom doors of the aircraft from the outside to prevent anyone gets stuck & hellip; hope it does not open at the wrong time!

Source: http://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/594665/Airplane-toilets-flights-passengers-waste

7-Your neighbor takes his ease

He / she takes up space, spread immediately his arms on the armrests, without worrying about the comfort of his neighbors & hellip; theft risks being long.

8-your baggage does not come out

Each passenger flight seems to have his bag, but yours is not on the carpet & hellip; anxiety rises as to what are the steps to recover your luggage, and continue the journey without business!

9-The aircraft plunged into darkness

At takeoff and landing at night, the driver cut the lights of the flight & hellip; why ? The darkness allows passengers to adjust their views in case of problems and evacuation

The 10-chosen company is blacklisted

A therefore avoid, even if the flight is cheap!