10 most beautiful aquarium in France

The aquariums represent a unique opportunity to observe underwater life: an exciting and surprising show, likely to please everyone. Aquariums are addressed not only to children!

There are many aquariums in France, of varied size and reputation. And no, not all are located in the seaside Small tour of the 10 most beautiful aquariums in France.

The Aquarium of La Rochelle

One of the best known among the French aquariums reputation beyond the borders of the country. The Aquarium of La Rochelle has indeed among the largest aquariums in Europe. The tour takes us through various themed rooms, Atlantic, Caribbean, tropical greenhouse ... without forgetting the unique shark tank, enough to provide some thrills! In total, more than 600 species to discover in a modern, all in the pleasant town of La Rochelle.

Grand Aquarium Saint-Malo

Saint-Malo has more of an attraction, and its Grand Aquarium has to be among the attractions of the old walled city. The latter offers themed areas (cold and temperate seas, tropical seas, etc ...) but also original attractions. Prominent among them include the ballet of jellyfish, the touch pool, the ring of sharks but also the Nautibus a small submarine for an expedition!

Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg

Cité de la Mer is not a simple aquarium, but rather a science park with diverse interests to the public. Set in the former transatlantic station of Cherbourg, the Cité de la Mer offers a fun and surprising visit on the theme of exploring the seabed. This ranges from the observation of many underwater species to visit the Redoutable largest submarine open to the public, through the abyssal aquarium, more than 10 meters deep!

Océanopolis in Brest

A beautiful aquarium completely refurbished in 2000, the harbor of Brest, which offers dive into the underwater life through a scientific perspective. Thus, Océanopolis is divided into three pavilions, each covering a maritime area of ​​the globe: temperate pavilion, polar pavilion, tropical pavilion. Each space has its share of original species, fish, plants, shellfish, supplemented videos and information to understand all the operation of the seabed as a whole.

Marineland Antibes

amusement park, water park, zoo ... Marineland is not confined to mere aquarium. Everything here revolves around nautical themes, through a complex of original shows and attractions, but also for the preservation of aquatic species. We will not fail to admire the many aquariums and meet protected species Marineland: sharks, rays, sea lions, penguins, killer whales but dolphins ...

Nausicaa in Boulogne-sur-Mer

Nausicaa Aquarium is Boulogne-sur-Mer, and is one of the major attractions of the region. More than just an aquarium, Nausicaa resembles a vast complex dedicated to the marine environment, its discovery, its scientific exploration and preservation. A comprehensive course traces the different oceans of the world, reproduces a lagoon or a coral reef, with all the own life to each environment.

Sea Life Aquarium in Marne-La-Vallée

The Sea Life Aquarium is located in the large shopping center Val d'Europe, near Paris. Very entertaining, the tour offers such a spectacle to visitors invited to discover various marine areas and their characteristics. Among the 350 species of Sea Life Aquarium, several '' stars '' such as sharks, rays and turtles, plus a fun attraction: the touch tank, in direct contact with the sea

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

A venerable institution founded in 1889, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco imposes entry, its architecture first, and then his exhibitions. Temporary or permanent, these perfect accompaniment to many aquariums of the museum, home to more than 300 marine species.

Aquarium Paris Cinéaqua

On the side of Trocadéo the Paris Aquarium exhibits more than 500 marine species through a successful staging. The large pool and tunnel, where many sharks parade remains the highlight of the visit. The latter is usually accompanied by film screenings and multiple shows, giving the Cinéaqua an extra dimension.

Nancy Museum Aquarium

Commonly called MAN, Nancy Aquarium-Museum is a museum of natural history very complete, a large part is specifically interested in the sea and oceans. A series of panoramic aquariums depict fish and invertebrates from around the globe, more than 300 species in total, from salt water as fresh water, adding to the diversity of the museum.