10 Belgian expressions for your listening pleasure.

Belgium has three main regions of Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. It follows countless dialects. Suffice to say that, for the uninitiated, some expressions are disconcerting and incomprehensible. Here is a small selection.

Not maybe.

The flat country is renowned for its surrealism and include it into the language. Thus, if in the French "no" expresses negation, know that Belgium is not necessarily the case. "No" associated with "maybe" means "Yes".

Example: "Would you get rich?" / "No, maybe!"

Oufi .

This typical Li├Ęge interjection is used all the sauces. It is usually used to emphasize astonishment. But the intonation given to it can give it a meaning or nervousness relief.

Example: "Oufti, still a little and I missed the train!" / "You did escape, Oufti!"

Baraki .

Baraki comes from the word shack, these small eateries that are found at fairs; a baraki is a person who holds one of these huts, a fairground in short. It means a person boorish and uneducated. Baraki is the equivalent of "redneck" in French.

Example: "? The wholesale chavs' with his oily hair" / "Him, It's really a baraki!"


M'fi means son. We use dice when that one is for someone close, but used with a stranger will highlight rather irreverence. At the end of a sentence, expressing exasperation advantage.

Example: "Said M'fi you come help me?" / "I'm not your servant M'fi!"


Huch means a door and by extension the outside. It is a French deformation of the old behind.

Example: "My wife, she still made the huch!"


Peye is a word that means a male person and takes the sense of chap; however, it usually has a negative connotation.

Example: "You know him?" / "Who Ah The Peye there?"


Zieverer mean drool and also means the person who keeps repeating the same stories, usually sleep standing up.

Example: "It kept me up at midnight with tales Still zievere one!"


lamecaq is a somewhat foolish person or a little crazy. could be translated as "funny zigue" in French.

Example: "Him, you can never trust him is a lamecaq!"


Snotnuis literally means "booger"; can be translated as snotty, but it is used ironically to an adult in the sense of "it still has the snot-nosed".

Example: "! His mechanic was riding well" / "Well, it's a snotnuis!"


Metekoe is a word formed on the words "puts" and with = "koe" = cow; it means a farmer, but in a very pejorative. Literally someone who grew up in a barn with cows.

Example: "You saw his manners to one?" / "What metekoe!"