10 unusual destinations and cheap in Europe

The proliferation of low cost flights has opened the doors to many tourist destinations. Some of them are still a little apart, and are of an unusual nature that does not lack charm. To select our 10 unusual destinations and cheap, entry rule out long-haul flights and travel outside Europe / Mediterranean. Too expensive ! Above all remaining destinations to discover not far from us at affordable prices ...

Bulgaria like winter

Emerging Destinations, Bulgaria has many assets for French tourists. There Sofia or Plovdiv, pleasant heritage cities, beaches and seaside resorts of the Black Sea as Sunny Beach or Varna, but also winter sports with the Borovets ski resorts Bansko and ... all the competitive prices.

Nordic break in Vilnius

Destination seems distant (and Nordic), Lithuania is much more accessible as we think, thanks to cheap flights serving the capital, Vilnius. The latter has a historic center with an exceptional state of preservation: the old Vilnius is classified by Unesco. Prices (restaurants, outings, hotels) remain very affordable for economical getaway.

Cycling on the island of Gozo

Malta is a major tourist destination, busy season. This is great, there is suddenly cheap flights to get there. But instead of staying around Valletta as much exile quiet on the beautiful island of Gozo ... an affordable B & B and renting a bike will do to explore the island for less.

The doors of the desert in Ouarzazate

Morocco is known, is a very affordable destination (flights, hotels ...), with several major tourist classics. Ouarzazate out of the ordinary, she sits on the edge of the Sahara. A quiet stay, punctuated by trips to the desert or the Draa and Dades, all within walking distance of Marrakech, the initial base for a cheap flight.

City break in Bratislava

Some still wonder if Bratislava is the scene of a Tintin adventure, but it is indeed the capital of Slovakia. Booming, it captures many flights at low cost, and on-site prices are as low as Bratislava is unknown. We appreciate there the charm of the historic center, shops and nightlife.

Albania to discover

Long remained totally impervious to the outside world, Albania is today a destination where you travel without problems. And it would be wrong to deprive themselves because the travel budget will be more reasonable on site (to get there, a low cost Bari then crossing boat). Tirana, the capital, and the Albanian Riviera, beautiful coastline in the south, are unavoidable.

Escape from Porto

Widely served by low cost Porto is really not an unusual destination, but many are content with a weekend there, as the region has many treasures to discover ... for cheap! The Douro and its landscapes, port wine producers, heritage Braga, Chaves, Ponte de Lima or ... something outside the box.

Camping on the beach in Crete

The more expensive the ticket. Once landed in Crete, one lane on the south coast, with its tent on many beaches wild camping is practiced, ie, free nights! Knowing taverns and transport are affordable ... the more convinced will push up the experience Gavdos, south, accompanied by hippies broke!

Ardennes, the Belgian side

With neighboring Belgium, you avoid travel expenses. But to change the classic to the Brussels towards the Belgian Ardennes, a beautiful hilly nature, rustic and forest, with beautiful towns such as Dinant, villages, and outdoor activities such as hiking or biking: pleasant and not expensive at all.

cities in Poland

Like most Polish cities had the idea to develop airports, recent host many cheap flights, becoming made of cheap destinations. Hotels, restaurants, outings, on site, the budget is very reasonable, which bears his sights on the capital Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw history night.