Viper Club - Florence

On the corner of via Pistoiese and via Lombardia, you’ll find one of Florence’s most versatile venues. The Viper Club offers theatrical performances, film screenings and live concerts in an intimate setting. There are also several rehearsal rooms available and, what’s more, the venue plays host to a variety of workshops for all tastes covering everything from yoga to writing. A ticket to an evening show will rarely set you back more than €10, making the Viper Club a great alternative to the expensive, touristy clubs and theatres in the city centre.

Address : Via Pistoiese, Via Lombardia 50145 Florence Italy

Bus : Lines 35, 56 bus stop ""Pistoiese 13"" or ""Pistoiese 14""

Phone : +39 55 318 231

Fax : +39 55 302 8229

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