Villa Medici at Careggi - Careggi

Nowadays, the Careggi Villa is part of the city hospital. It is still worth a visit, as it was one of the first villas built by the Medicis: the most influential family in the history of Florence. What’s more, it was here that Marsilio Ficino, the Florentine humanist philosopher and favourite of Cosimo de Medici, founded his ‘New Academy’ based on the thoughts of Plato. Don’t miss the garden, which featured olive and pine trees in the time of Lorenzo de Medici. Plants from further afield were later added, including exotic palms, a variety of cedars, and even Californian sequoias.


Monday- Friday, 9am- 6pm, Saturdays, 9am- 12pm


Free entry

Address : Via Gaetano Pieraccini 17 50139 Careggi Italy

Bus : Lines 14, 40, 43, 301, 307 : Bus stop VIALE PIERACCINI 01

Phone : +39 55 594 149

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