Victor-Emmanuel II monument - Roma

The immense white limestone neoclassical monument is located at the end of Via del Corso. The construction started in 1885 under the architect Sacconi's direction. The edifice commemorates the 50th anniversary of Italy's unification. Inaugurated in 1911, the monument looks like an altar of the hellenistic era. Dedicated to the first Italian king, it is alsocalled the Nation's altar, the symbol of unification celebrating Rome's grandness. There is also the tomb of an unknown soldier who died during the First World War. The monument hosts the historical museum of Risorgimento and sometimes temporary exhibitions.

Things to see: the equestrian statue of Vittorio Emanuele II in the middle of the fa├žade, the 16 statues representing the Italian regions, the staircase with winged lions and victories, the portico and its high columns topped by two bronze quadrigas representing Unity and Liberty made by Carlo Fontana and Paolo Bartolini, the fountain on the left representing the Adriatic sea with Saint-Mark's lion, the fountain on the right representing the Tyrrhenian sea with the Roman she-wolf.


9.00-17.30 in winter, 9.00-19.30 in summer



Address : Piazza Venezia Roma Italy

Phone : +39 066991718

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