Vaux-de-Cernay abbey - Cernay-la-ville

This Cistercian high place was converted into a charming luxury hotel.

In 1118, the monks of Savigny were given the site and built their abbey. Monastic buildings, barns, mills and press-houses were also built by the Cistercian monks whose activity boomed until the XIVth century and the devastating effects of the Hundred Years' War. After the French Revolution, the estate was sold by auction to the Rothschild and was restored and refurbished. During the XIXth century, the site inspired landscape painters and poets, namely Léon Germain Pelouze and Victor Hugo.

Today, you can admire vestiges such as the XIIth century western façade with its rose, the main nave walls and the southern part of the Choir. Tiling fragments and several tombstones like that of Saint Thibaut de Marly from the XIIIth century and that of Simon de Rochefort from the XIVth century can be seen within the southern aisle.

The lovely Saint Thibaut fountain in the centre of the park and the double nave chapter house with ribbed vaults now host concerts.

Today, the estate is a luxury hotel-restaurant for tourists and conferences. A autumn festival takes place every year and a art gallery with a beautiful park is worth seeing.

Address : Route d Cernay-la-ville France

Phone : 01 34 85 23 00

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