Unter den Linden State Library - Berlin

Inaugurated in 1914, this building was commissioned under Emperor William 2nd to house the Unter den Linden State Library, formerly the Imperial library. This is a massive looking building with great pilasters adorning the fa├žade, uniformly spaced windows and an entrance preceded by monumental columns. It is crowned with a number of statues including that of a female figure wearing a bearskin over her head and shield. This is the personification of the city of Berlin. This building is an example of where the symbols of Antiquity have been adapted to the fashion of the day. The style in question was that of Emperor William 2nd who took little interest in art itself but loved all that was monumental with a military leaning. The writer Heinrich Mann once said ""The Emperor has all the taste of a cook"". That being said, the library itself is home to almost 5 million volumes.


Monday - Friday 9am-9pm. Saturday 9am-5pm.



Address : Unter den Linden 8 10117 Berlin Germany

Subway : Friedrichstrasse - U6, S1, S2, S5, S7, S9, S25 and S75

Web : http://www.staatsbibliothek-berlin.de

Email : webserveradmin@sbb.spk-berlin.de

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