Universale - Florence

Universale’s famous student night, ‘Univercity’, takes place every Thursday. Seeing as Florence is home to so many American students, the room echoes with a lovely mix of English and Italian. Various theme nights take place on Fridays and Saturdays, just perfect for shaking your body on the club’s large dance floor. Come along on Sunday evenings for Universale’s famous ‘Aperichic’, where you can enjoy a meal before hitting the dance floor, with the DJ playing the latest house music sounds!


Open Thursday- Sunday, 10pm- 3am. Restaurant open from 8pm


10 - 13 €

Address : Via Pisana, 77/r 50143 Florence Italy

Bus : Lines 6, 26, 27, 72, 80 bus stop ""Pisana 06""

Phone : +39 55 221 122

Web : http://www.universalefirenze.it/

Map :

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