Tomb of Cecilia Metella - Rome

The Tomb of Cecilia Metella is on the Via Appia Antica. She was the daughter of a Consul and wife of Licinius Crassus, known for his great wealth. This explains the large dimensions of this mausoleum which was built between 15 and 10 BC. It is in fact an 11 metre high tower with a diameter of 30.5 metres containing an interesting funereal chamber which can be visited. A sculpted frieze of Gallic shields, ox skulls and wreaths decorate the travertine walls.


Tuesday-Sunday from 9:30 am - 6:30 pm.


2,00 €

Address : Via Appia Antica, 161 178 Rome Italy

Subway : Station: Capanelle - Station: Torricola

Phone : +39 0639967700

Fax : +39 0639967400

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