The Aurelian Walls - Rome

The Aurelian Walls were built by Emperor Aurelius during the 270s, then extended by Probus, in an effort to protect the city of Rome more effectively against the Barbarian threat. The full circuit ran for 19 kilometres long of which 13 still exist today. It originally had 18 gates and 381 towers. The structure was reinforced by Maxentius in the early 4th century and then doubled in height by Honorius in the 6th century when crenelation was also added to the upper level. The composite nature of the Walls is obvious and came about through the need for a rapid and economical construction. For this reason many pre-existing structures were integrated into the Walls, such as aqueduct arches, the Pyramid of Cestius and the Amphitheatrum Castrense. Similarly, private houses were also incorporated, as can be seen from the occasional blocked- in window along the Walls. Of interest nowadays is a visit the Museum of the Walls and a walk of about 412 metres along the top to Saint Sebastian Gate.

Address : Via di Porta Ardeantina 179 Rome Italy

Subway : Station: Roma ostiense - Station: Piramide :Ligne B

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