The Abbey of Fiesole - Fiesole

The Badia Fiesolana is an abbey located in the San Domenico area. Up until 1028, it was the Cathedral of Fiesole. In its current state, the building is a good example of late medieval, First Rinascimento (Renaissance) architecture. In 1456, it was rebuilt and extended by the brilliant Brunelleschi, who incorporated part of the existing multicoloured Roman facade in his new design.


Monday- Friday, 9am- 6pm. Saturdays, 9.30am- 1pm.


Free entry

Address : Via Badia dei Roccettini 50014 Fiesole Italy

Bus : Line 7 : Bus stop SAN DOMENICO 02 - Line 21 : Bus stop PONTE ALLA BADIA 01

Phone : +39 55 591 55

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