Teatro Sala Umberto - Rome

Opened in 1882, the Teatro Sala Umberto was designed by the acclaimed Roman artist Andrea Busiri Vici. Since its inauguration, it has changed artistic direction from cinema to theatre and vice versa several times. Today, however, it functions as a theatre. The architecture is typically Roman in style with frescos painted on the ceiling, marble floors and arches at the entrance of each room. Many Italian stars have passed through its doors including Walter Chiari, Rossano Brazzi and the De Vico brothers. The programme is interesting, rich and varied so there is sure to be something on to entertain you!

Address : Via delle Mercede, 50 187 Rome Italy

Subway : Metro A: Spagna ou Barberini

Phone : +39 06794753

Fax : +39 0669787516

Web : http://www.salaumberto.com

Email : teatro@salaumberto.com

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