Teatro Puccini - Florence

The Teatro Puccini is located slightly outside of the centre of Florence, but it’s definitely worth the detour. The varied, sophisticated programme is primarily aimed at an audience who would choose laughter over thought-provoking classic tragedies. You can take in cabarets, comedy shows, clowns, concerts, musical theatre, farces and much more. Despite the theatre’s humorous side, it takes the quality of its shows very seriously, to ensure they are funny without being trivial. What could be better than enjoying a show at the Teatro Puccini after a long, tiring day of sightseeing?


Tickets on sale daily, 3.30pm- 7pm / 10am- 1pm on Saturdays


Prices vary

Address : Via delle Cascine, 41 50144 Florence Italy

Bus : Lines 17, 18 bus stop ""Cascine 03""

Phone : +39 55 362 067

Web : http://www.teatropuccini.it/

Email : info@teatropuccini.it

Map :

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