Teatro di Rifredi - Florence

The Teatro di Refredi has a rather colourful past. Built in 1911, the theatre was burnt down by the Fascists eleven years later, who transformed it to suit their own ends. It was only after the war that the theatre was restored to its former glory, and it has been a venue for satire and mime since the 1970s.


Tickets on sale Monday- Saturday, 9am- 1.30pm and 2.30pm- 7pm, performances take place at 9pm during the week / 4.30pm on Sundays and public holidays


14 €, concessions: 12 €

Address : Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 303 50134 Florence Italy

Bus : Lines 8, 14, 28 bus stop ""Dalmazia 01""

Phone : +39 55 422 0361

Web : http://www.toscanateatro.it/

Email : staff@toscanateatro.it

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