Second Courtyard of Prague Castle - Prague

This second courtyard of the Castle is immense and dates from the late 16th century. It was redeveloped in the 18th century and again in the 1920s. It is home to the Chapel of the Holy Cross built in 1756 to receive the treasury of relics collected during the 14th century by Emperor Charles IV. The far end of the courtyard was redeveloped by Emperor Rudolf II in the late 16th century for his stables and above all to install the Spanish Room: a gallery destined for his magnificent art collection. Sadly this wonderful collection has long since disappeared, first pillaged by the Swedes during the sack of the Castle in 1648, and then broken up during the reign of Charles VI in the early 18th century. We can nevertheless get an idea of the degree of Rudolf II’s patronage by visiting the painting gallery now located on the ground floor which includes in particular, works by Holbein, Bassano, Titian, Rubens and the “Flagellation of Christ"" by Tintoretto. In addition, a lovely 18th century fountain by Kohl adorned the centre of the courtyard.


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