Santa Maria in Aracoeli - Roma

Santa Maria in Aracoeli made in the Vth century is located on the ancient site of the temple of Juno and of a citadel. It is said to have been built after the prediction of the Christ's birth by the sibyl of Tibur (now Tivoli) to Augustus. In 1250, Innocent IV gave the church to the Franciscan order. The inside was made during the XIVth century. It was the centre of political life in Ancient Rome where popular assemblies regularly took place. There was celebrated in 1571 the victory of the battle of Lepante against the Ottoman fleet.

To see: the monumental 124 marble stairs that leads to the church, the 22 ancient columns that separate the three naves, the central golden coffered ceiling, the tombs, the frescos depicting the life of Bernardino of Siena by Pinturicchio, the statue of Jesus carved out of wood coming from the olive trees of Jerusalem wich is said to be miraculous (stolen in 1994, it was replaced by a fake one).


7.00-12.00/16.00-17.30 (until18.30 in summer)

Address : Piazza d'Aracoeli Roma Italy

Phone : +39 066798155

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